See what people are saying about our current line-up as they put our products to the test.

VARI Series Powered Speakers

“Harbinger did not lie. This speaker is freakin’ loud. It is super loud!”

DJ Barr gives a detailed review of the V4115 loudspeaker, with a run through of its main features as well as the accompanying app.

“I can assure you very well and loud and clearly that it is very loud… you’ll have the party rocking like no problem!”

The V2315 powered speaker gets an audio test in this review video, which also gives a detailed overview of its features.

“That’s very impressive!”

Watch what happens when the grille is taken off and a free-air test of the V2318S subwoofer is performed in this review video, which also looks at the features and demos the sound.

“I’m definitely gonna have to recommend this speaker and actually change my views on the Harbinger stuff…”

The V2312 powered speaker wins over this previous Harbinger sceptic and changes his opinion in this review video.

“It has some built-in DSP settings which are phenomenal and really would make whatever venue you’re at sound amazing.”

See why the V2312 powered speakers are definitely recommended during this run through of its features.

“I really can’t say anything bad about this. One a scale of one-to-ten I’d give this sub a nine.”

Watch the S12 get taken apart to see if we’re hiding any secrets in this detailed review and teardown of our latest subwoofer.

LVL Series Mixers

“Even though this mixer is small, it packs quite a punch!”

Robin from Expert Island gives a detailed review of the features and benefits of the LV7 mixer.

“It is really lightweight, easy-to-use, small, but power-packed. You can get everything done!”

Keithron gives a run-through of the LV7 mixer and explains why he feels it is the perfect little unit for a podcaster or a one-man band.

“The gain options on these two channels are absolutely amazing! Absolutely clean, crisp sound, no hissing or distortion in the background, which is really nice with this mixer.”

Robin reviews the features and benefits of the LV8 mixer in this video.

“This is a little powerhouse of a unit. For someone that’s doing a gig in a restaurant, at a bar, with a small band, maybe a couple of singers…. this is a really good unit that gives you a lot of flexibility.”

Keithron explains why the LV8 mixer is one to add to your arsenal.

“That’s an awful lot to put into one mixer, and that’s what makes this mixer really a great choice. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use mixer with a lot of features on it, there you go, the Harbinger LV12.”

Robin reviews the features and benefits of the LV12 mixer in detail.

“That’s a really good thing and that makes this, as a recorder, as good as buying an audio interface.”

Robin runs down the features and benefits of the LV14 mixer.

“If you’re thinking about getting a mixer, and you want to get the best bang for the buck that’s still going to give you high performance and great reliability, this is the video you’re going to want to watch.”

Robin details why the LX12 should be your next mixer.

MUV Series PA Systems

“Super compact and really easy to use… For me with an acoustic guitar and one mic, this was perfect!”

This solo acoustic instrumentalist found the M100-BT portable PA system to be the right fit for his use in his demo and review video.

“They are both great devices, and I think anyone would be happy to have one or the other.”

Dan explains who the M200-BT or M100-BT would be best suited for in his honest review of our portable P.A. systems.

“They are very loud, for the size especially… I am completely impressed with this system here. I highly recommend it.”

First impressions of the M200-BT portable PA system during the unboxing, setup and initial testing.

Personal Line Array PA System

Full detailed review and sound test of the MLS1000 Personal Line Array from the Expert Island.

“One of the best column arrays you can buy under $1000.”

Hear why Travis from Elite Events & Entertainment is confident to use the MLS1000 Portable Line Array for weddings of 125 people or less in this full, in-depth review.

Diana Rein walks us through the basic features and input options of the MLS900.

RoadTrip Series Battery Speakers

“I am pretty impressed with this speaker. I took it on a one-week family vacation, and the battery power on this thing rocks, the sound rocks…”

Daniel gives his honest review of the RT100.

I’m very impressed with its actual clarity, the bass response, vocal clarity, everything about it has surpassed our expectation!”

The RT100 battery speaker gets put to the test and passes with flying colors in this review video.