Below, you will find a selection of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact us at (888) 286-1809, or by filling in the form found on our contact page.

How do I get rid of a hum or buzz in my Harbinger PA speaker(s)?

Your AC outlet may be improperly wired. Try connecting all audio equipment to another AC outlet. Ensure audible hum or buzz is not a result of faulty cables. Try replacing power cables for your amplifier or active PA speaker. Some AC outlets are not a stable or a clean source of power. Try plugging your PA system or active speakers into a power conditioner rather than directly into an AC wall outlet.

How do I use the polarity reversal switch?

The polarity switch gives you the ability to ensure your loudspeakers are operating “in phase”. It is important to maintain correct phasing in a loudspeaker system in order to operate at maximum performance. Incorrect polarity can be caused by incorrectly wired cables, interconnecting cables, and mixer functions set incorrectly.

Phasing is also influenced by the mutual positioning and orientation of the loudspeakers in a system. It is possible to have proper polarization of all cables and equipment and still achieve better bass response by having the subwoofer set to reverse polarity, or having several subwoofers set at different polarities. Bass response also will change with the listener’s position in the room. During testing, monitor the bass response from several different locations in the venue.

Start with all subwoofers in the system with polarity switches in the norm position. Next, with your system playing at or near its expected operating level, change the polarity of each subwoofer, one at a time. Walk around the venue and evaluate the overall bass response, and select the phase setting that produces the best overall bass response.

What does the Variant Knob do on the Harbinger LP9800 Powered Mixer?

This knob changes the character of the effect depending on the effect type. It either changes the length of a reverb, the feedback/repeat amount of a delay, or the depth of a modulation effect.

See the preset descriptions below for more information on how this control works.

What size speaker stand will work with my Harbinger speaker?

Our older HX and HP series speakers require a 38mm (1 1/2″) pole. All other Harbinger speakers require a 35mm (1 3/8″) pole.

How can I be set up as a dealer/distributor for Harbinger?

Thank you so much for your support of Harbinger. Currently we are exclusively distributed by Guitar Center Inc. and we are not looking to add further dealers or distributors at this time. Please feel free to send us your information and we will reach out to you if this changes. Thanks again for your interest in Harbinger.

How can I be endorsed by Harbinger?

Thank you for your support of Harbinger! We appreciate your enthusiasm but we are not currently looking to add any individuals or groups to our artist roster. Feel free to check back with us at a later date to see if this has changed. Thanks again for your support and we hope you enjoy your Harbinger products in the future.

Why do I get a loud "pop" sound when connecting my Harbinger speaker to a mixer or sound source?

Sound system pops are most often caused by powering components on/off in the wrong order or making cable connections while the sound system is turned on. These pops can damage loudspeakers.

• Power On Sequence – Turn on all source devices, then mixer. Turn power amplifiers and powered speakers on last.

• Power Off Sequence – Turn off all power amplifiers and powered speakers first. Turn off mixer and source equipment last.

Will my Harbinger Speaker work overseas?

These Harbinger models are intended for use only with 120V, 60Hz power for North America. Use with any other voltage will damage the speaker. In countries with different voltage, a power transformer (not adaptor) must be used.

Is the Harbinger warranty transferable?

No, Harbinger only warrants the product to the original purchaser.

What is the ground lift switch for and when should I use it?

Powered loudspeakers are often fed by long run signal cables, connected to power outlets different than the audio source’s. This may create an audible hum or buzz due to ground loops or other connection problems. The ground lift switch safely lifts the audio ground while keeping the AC earth ground intact. It is a good idea to keep the ground lift switch in earth position unless you have hum or buzz coming from your speakers. If you do hear hum or buzz, toggle switch into lift position.


Can I hang my Harbinger speakers from the ceiling?

Harbinger loudspeakers are not intended or designed for permanent installation and suspension. Only elevate Harbinger speakers using the built-in pole mount soffit on speaker stands or with sturdy stacking on top of a subwoofer.

What do the hi-pass outs do?

The hi-pass outputs of your subwoofer will pass only mid and high-frequency sound to your full range Harbinger HP loudspeaker. By configuring your sound system in this fashion, you will maximize the efficiency of each individual loudspeaker, resulting in a clearer, more articulate reproduction of your source material.

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