Exceptional Power and Greater Flexibility

VARI 4000
Harbinger VARI 4000 Series

The Harbinger VARI 4000 Series Powered Speakers combine 2500 Watts of Class-D amplification with unique XR Speaker Technology for volume, headroom and audio clarity beyond the limits of other plastic cabinet speakers.

Powerful on-board DSP is easily controlled by a visual frequency response display that shows the sonic impact of all current settings at a glance. Or use the iOS App to easily tune and customize your system wirelessly from anywhere in the venue.

Connect up to 5 inputs at once without a mixer, including stereo line in, 2 mic/guitar/line inputs, aux and Bluetooth. Use one or more pairs of VARI 4000s as your main stereo sound system, or a wide stereo amp for keyboards and guitar multi-effects with Smart Stereo routing that allows easy volume and tone control for both speakers from the master unit.

VARI 2300 Series
VARI 2300 Series
The VARI 2300 series includes 400 Watt 8-inch and 10-inch Powered Speakers, 2000 Watt 12-inch and 15-inch Powered Speakers, a 1000 Watt 12-inch Compact Powered Subwoofer, and a 2400 Watt 18-inch Powered Subwoofer, all with sound optimizing DSP.

The Powered Speakers can be used for main speakers or floor monitors, with DSP tunings tailored to these applications.

The Powered Subs are the perfect complement to any powered speaker or PA system, providing extended low frequencies and high impact bass, with high precision DSP crossover and limiter.

VARI 2300 Series