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I am concerned that co-pays are increasing and coverage is decreasing
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I took a trip to the ER (we were out of town), they did tests to check for appendicitis, turned out negative, sent me home with pain medication
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Mulder tightened his ass as his lower body moved forward in a echo of thrust
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thing with entrepreneurs; they need to know that youre there for them and youre giving them this feedback
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the food, my daughter opted for the series of interconnecting ziplines that are strung between 13 towers,
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series finds that Republicans owe a "great debt," and that "industries that backed Bush are now seeking
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Note that Indian companies such as Biocon would also be implicated with their novel and subsequent new drug versions of insulin and other diabetes drugs and treatments
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I’d post pictures of our jeep sunk in the river from earlier this winter, but it’s not very pretty, so I’ll settle for the loveliness of the above monsoon season rain picture
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The total lack of ethics in someone such as this is really obscene to me.
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