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15″ 1200-Watt Bi-amped Powered Loudspeaker


15″ 1200-Watt Bi-amped Powered Loudspeaker

The Harbinger HPX215-BBE provides exceptionally clean, raw sound power for live band and DJ Main speaker applications.

Full range clarity with thundering low end, it’s perfect for live bands, DJs, and clubs that want to move the dance floor.

The HPX215-BBE can be combined with the HPX118S-BBE or HPX118F-BBE powered subwoofers HP118 powered subwoofer to extend the thunder with earth-shaking bottom end.


• Dual 15″ Two Way
• Built-In BBE Sonic Maximizer
• 1200W Bi-amped
• 134dB Peak SPL
• Integrated signal processing
• Protection Circuitry
• Reinforced 5/8″ Birch

• BBE Sonic Maximizer with HF Process and LF Contour controls
• 90 x 40 dispersion pattern
• Advanced PETP compression driver diaphragm
• 15″ low frequency drivers with high temperature voice coil and advanced magnet cooling

• High efficiency Class G amplifier with multi-stage customer signal processing
• 100Hz low cut switch
• Built-in compressor/limiter and subsonic filter
• Thermal and short circuit protection
• 16 gauge steel grille, 5/8″ reinforced birch plywood


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