Harbinger L502 5-Channel Mixer with XLR Preamp



L502 5-Channel Mixer

The Little Mixer That Could

Harbinger’s L502 5-Channel Mixer is the high-quality, low-cost, all-analog mixing solution for solo singer-songwriters, small groups, and home recording setups where simple is better. It’s a great choice for live sound in coffeehouses and small clubs, as well as an easy way to manage your audio signals and get them into your recording system.


Flexible Routing and Features for Studio or Stage

The L502 is as simple as it gets; plug in your mic and instruments, connect the outputs to the PA or recorder, dial in your levels and tone, and start playing. It has one LvL Series preamp with an XLR and 1/4” TRS input, as well as four stereo inputs and 2-band EQ. Let’s say you’re a singer/guitarist playing a small club along with a keyboard player. Plug your microphone into the XLR input, and your instrument into the 1/4” TRS input, and you still have stereo inputs for your keyboard playing buddy, as well as assignable RCA inputs/outputs for a playback device or other auxiliary needs. Then, use the L502’s main outputs to connect to a PA system, or to your home recording studio. It even has 5-segment LED meters to keep your levels in check, a dedicated headphone output, pan/balance controls, and great-sounding 2-band EQ. For applications like podcasting where you want a simple and affordable solution for mixing your voice with music beds and sound effects, the L502 is just what you need.


High Headroom, Clean Preamps, Solid EQ

LvL Series preamps are ultra clean, offering amazing frequency response from 10Hz to 22kHz with less than a single decibel of variance. Even more impressive is their high headroom and very low noise; these mixers can handle impressively loud input levels without getting close to clipping. What all this means is that for live gigs, jams, and recording, what comes through is exactly what you put in, with a clean all-analog signal path that will sound great onstage or for your recordings.


Built To Last

Harbinger gear is famous for its great value, but don’t be fooled: despite their affordable price, the LvL mixers are tough enough to handle almost any mixing environment, with a rugged metal chassis and sold build quality. The L502’s compact size makes it perfect to take to clubs, coffeehouses, and other small venues, and their road-worthiness means you can feel confident that it’s going to work night after night, venue after venue. Compare it to any other mixer in its price range, and you’ll see that the L502 is unquestionably the best value in small but mighty mixers.


• 5-channel mixer with a variety of routing options
• 1 LvL Series ultra clean mic preamp with XLR and ¼” TRS balanced/unbalanced line input
• 2 TRS ¼” balanced/unbalanced stereo inputs
• Top quality 2-Band EQ
• Phantom power
• Input gain on mic preamps
• Input Signal/Peak indicator LED
• Pan/Balance controller per channel
• 5-Segment LED main mix meter
• RCA input and output
• Headphone outputs
• Robust external AC power supply
• Rugged metal chassis

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