Harbinger L1202FX 12-Channel Mixer With Effects



L1202FX 12-Channel Mixer With Effects

12 Channels, Built-In Effects and an Extraordinary Price

As the top of the Harbinger LvL Series, the L1202FX is the best value in compact 12-channel mixers. Designed for home/project recording and live sound mixing, the L1202FX offers all of the high-quality analog signal path and routing flexibility needed for serious recording, as well as plenty of simultaneous input sources for your band’s most important shows.


Flexible Routing and Features for Studio or Stage

The L1202FX starts with four LvL mic preamps, each with XLR and 1/4” TRS balanced/unbalanced line inputs, as well as four TRS 1/4” balanced/unbalanced stereo inputs with +4/-10dB sensitivity selection. This means you have plenty of room to accommodate a band with multiple microphones and instrument sources. In addition to main and control room outputs, the L1202FX also offers an aux send, and auxiliary inputs and outputs on RCA connections. Phantom power is provided so you can run your favorite condenser mics, and each mic input has a selectable 75Hz high-pass filter to help eliminate feedback and low-frequency rumble onstage. You also get great-sounding 3-band EQ, and even a full-size master fader for better control of your mix.


High Headroom, Clean Preamps

LvL Series preamps are ultra clean, offering amazing frequency response from 10Hz to 22kHz with less than a single decibel of variance. Even more impressive is their high headroom and very low noise; these mixers can handle impressively loud input levels without getting close to clipping. What all this means is that for live gigs, jams, and recording, what comes through is exactly what you put in, with a clean all-analog signal path that will sound great on stage or on your recordings. The L1202FX’s four preamps offers plenty of clean input gain so you’ll sound great at any volume.


DSP Effects Included

It can be very convenient to have onboard effects at your fingertips, which is why the L1202FX includes 16 effects and effect combinations, each with an adjustable parameter. They include room, hall, spring, and plate reverb, as well as chorus, flange, vocal doubling, and even tap-tempo delay, and combinations of the effects you’ll turn to the most. Whether you’re recording or onstage, the built-in effects of the L1202FX come in handy, and sound excellent.




• 12-channel mixer with a variety of routing options
• 4 LvL Series ultra clean mic preamps with XLR and ¼” TRS balanced/unbalanced line input
• 4 TRS ¼” balanced/unbalanced stereo inputs with +4/-10dB sensitivity selection
• Built-in effects including tap tempo delay
• Versatile 3-Band EQ
• 75Hz high pass Filter on mic inputs
• Aux Send
• Full-size master fader
• Control room output for studio monitors
• 48V phantom power
• Input gain on mic preamps
• Input Signal/Peak indicator LED
• Pan/Balance controller per channel
• 5-Segment LED main mix meter
• RCA input and output
• Headphone outputs
• Robust external AC power supply
• Rugged metal chassis

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