12″ Two-Way 150-Watt Speaker System

The APS 12 combines a powerful two-way loudspeaker with a 150-Watt amp/mixer into one convenient PA system. Featuring multiple balanced and unbalanced inputs for microphones, music players or instruments, a 150-watt amplifier, and a 12″ speaker with a high frequency horn, you get an active PA with flexibility, powerful reach, and concert quality sound. Optimized for voice, acoustic instruments, and playback, the APS 12 is easy to setup and always provides full frequency, crystal-clear fidelity. With individual gain controls for each channel, 5-band graphic EQ, and a Master Output knob, you have the control you need to tailor your sound to any venue.


• 150-Watt, Convection-Cooled, Class A/B Amplifier
• 3 Channel Mic/Line Mixer
• 12″ Two-Way, Full-Range Powered Speaker w/ High Frequency Horn
• Individual Gain Control on Each Channel
• Balanced/Unbalanced Mic Inputs
• XLR/Stereo RCA Line Input
• Balanced/Unbalanced Outputs
• 5 Band Master EQ & Master Output Controls
• LED Clip Indicator
• Built-in Stand Mount
• 3 Channel Mic/Line Mixer
• Frequency Response (-3dB): 45Hz – 18kHz
• Frequency Range (-6dB): 40Hz – 20kHz
• Max SPL Long-term @1m: 97dB
• Max SPL Peak @1m: 119dB
• Crossover: passive, 18dB/oct @ 3.5kHz

• MIC input
• Input type: 2 bal. XLR & 2 unbal. ¼”
• Input Impedance: 3k ohms
• Input sensitivity: –46dBu
• Line Input
• Input type: XLR bal. / RCA unbal.
• Input impedance: 10k ohms
• Input sensitivity: –26 dBu
• EQ
• Type: 5-band graphic Equalizer
• Frequency: 250Hz /500Hz/1kHz/4kHz/8kHz
• Equalize range: –12dB/+12dB
• Power Amplifier
• Rated output power: 135W
• Max output power: 150W
• Power supply: 110V/60 Hz
• Max Power consumption: 276VA
• Rated THD: <0.5% (20Hz – 20kHz) • Frequency response: +1/-2dB (20Hz – 20kHz) • Cooling: Convection Extrusion • Design: Class A/B [/toggle] [/toggles] View User's Manual [PDF]