Harbinger MüV Series Debuts the MLS800 Personal Line Array

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Thousand Oaks, CA – February 2017
HThe newest member of Harbinger’s MüV Series of ultra-portable PAs is the MLS800 Personal Line Array. This compact, custom configuration PA is ideal for gigging musicians, singer/songwriters, presenters, and anyone who needs a simple, portable, turnkey, sound-reinforcement solution with exceptional sound and unprecedented value. This all-in one sound system features a passive, full-range satellite section comprising six matched, 2.75-inch high-frequency drivers that are configured as a line array for precise, professional-quality audio performance.

The active, vented subwoofer section utilizes an 8-inch low-frequency driver with a 1.5-inch voice coil. The system is powered by 800 watts of Class D amplification, configured as 400W for the satellite section and 400W for the subwoofer. A built-in limiter protects the amplifier inputs. A phase plug extends the high-frequency response by guiding waves outward so they don’t interact destructively near the driver.

The MLS800 offers three input channels: Channel 1 presents a combo microphone/line input, Channel 2 sports a combo mic/instrument input, and Channel 3 provides a choice of stereo RCA aux inputs and Bluetooth wireless input-great for use with mobile devices. The onboard three-channel mixer and 2-band shelving EQ enable you to create a clear, clean, balanced mix that will fill any small venue. By connecting the Line Out jack of one MLS800 to a line input on a second unit, you can easily daisy-chain units to provide even more coverage for larger venues.

The Harbinger MLS800 tower stand-mount assembles quickly and easily, providing instant audio connections. Its column is configurable to full or half-height for maximum versatility. Built to take the stresses of travel, it features a sturdy plastic case and 1 mm steel speaker grilles. LEDs indicate power and limiter status. An included carry bag makes travel and storage easy.

Harbinger MüV Series Portable PA systems are a simple solution for anyone who needs a portable, affordable sound system for smaller performances, presentations, and rehearsals. The Harbinger MLS800 will have a street price of $699.99 is available at Guitar Center and Musicians Friend.

Harbinger MLS800 Personal Line Array

Harbinger Expands VâRI Loudspeaker Line

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Thousand Oaks, CA – February 2017
Harbinger, a provider of robust and high-value pro audio gear, is proud to debut the smallest and most economical VaRi speakers ever. Driven by 400 watts of Class D amplification, the new VâRi V1012 and V1015 powered loudspeakers deliver plenty of clean, accurate, full-range, venue-filling sound.

The newest members of the company’s versatile, portable VâRi series, the VâRi V1012 employs a 12-inch low-frequency driver, while the VâRi V1015 boasts a 15-inch low-frequency driver for extra-deep bass response. Both models feature a 1.35-inch mid/high-frequency compression driver.

Equipped with a built-in three-channel mixer and two-band EQ, Harbinger VâRi V1012 and V1015 loudspeakers are well suited to a variety of applications, including DJ gigs, band rehearsals, small venue performances, and dance parties. Mixer Channel 1 offers a switchable mic/line input with separate XLR and 1Ž4-inch jacks, while Channel 2 sports XLR microphone and RCA line inputs. An 1/8-inch aux input admits audio from MP3 players and other mobile devices. The XLR line output enables you to hook up multiple speakers-great for conferences, larger or odd-shaped venues, and more.

Harbinger VaRi V1012

Both speakers are lightweight and equipped with a 1 3/8-inch pole mount; the V1015s even have built-in wheels for easy transport. Both multipurpose speakers feature an optical limiter with rear-panel LED clip indicator that offers lighting fast response to stop potentially damaging transient peaks. Balanced top and side handles make transportation easy, and a rugged steel grille protects the drivers from the risks of the road.

Harbinger VâRi V1012 and V1015 loudspeakers will have a street price of $229.99 and $249.99 (respectively) and are available now via or

Loud, Clean Harbinger VâRI Loudspeakers Offer Sleek New Design

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Thousand Oaks, CA – September 2016
With ample power to spare and an attractive new look, Harbinger’s VâRi 2200 Series 2-way powered loudspeakers are an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications and venues. Lightweight and equipped with a 1 3/8-inch pole mount, these multipurpose speakers offer a fresh, modern, angular look and improved electrical and acoustic design. The VâRi series includes two full-range speakers and a subwoofer.

The full-range V2212 features a 12-inch low-frequency driver and is ideal for spoken word, vocals, acoustic instruments, and anyone looking for exceptional articulation and detail. The V2215 full-range system, with its 15-inch woofer, delivers even more deep bass, making it a great choice for DJs and full bands.

Each full-range speaker is driven by 600 watts of clean, clear Class D amplification. A new optical limiter offers lighting fast response to stop potentially damaging transient peaks. Balanced top and side handles make transportation easy, and a rugged steel grille protects the drivers from the risks of the road. The V2212/15 also have a defeatable, front-mounted, LED clip indicator to help you know from a distance when you are overdriving the speakers.

Harbinger VaRi Family

Thanks to a built-in three-channel >mixer and two-band EQ, Harbinger VâRi loudspeakers are well suited to a wide variety of applications. Mixer Channel 1 offers a switchable mic/line input with XLR and 1Ž4-inch jacks, while Channel 2 sports 1Ž4-inch and RCA line inputs and Channel 3 employs a 1/8-inch Aux input that’s perfect for mobile audio devices. The VâRi V2212 and V2215 also feature a balanced XLR line out, so you can hook up multiple speakers-perfect for conferences, larger or odd-shaped venues, and more.

Although the VâRi V2212 and V2215 deliver solid low end, adding a VâRi V2218S subwoofer provides even more richness and warmth for acoustic and vocal performances and delivers heart-thumping, wall-shaking sub-lows that are ideal for live bands and DJs. Featuring an 18-inch low-frequency driver, powered by 1,500 watts of Class D amplification, the V2218S includes an integrated crossover with selectable 90/120 Hz frequency control, input level control, and convenient 0°/180° input-polarity switch for optimizing phase relationships in multiple-speaker setups. The subwoofer sports two XLR/1Ž4-inch combo inputs and selectable full-range link or highpass XLR outputs.

Harbinger Vari Series

As with the full-range speakers, the VâRi V2218S is protected by an optical limiter. There is also a defeatable, front-mounted, LED clip indicator-a feature not normally found in this price class. Heavy-duty casters, balanced side handles, a rugged steel grille, and a sturdy 1-3/8″ pole mount complete the package.

Harbinger VâRi Series loudspeakers are available now in stores and online. The V2212 carries a street price of $229.99, while the V2215 is priced at $249.99, and the V2218S streets at $499.99.

Harbinger L2404FX-USB Hands-On Review

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by Tim Hemingway on March 7, 2016

Harbinger L2404FX-USBPrior to this review, my only experience with Harbinger was seeing their PAs at my local Guitar Center. I’m always interested in testing out products from new brands to see what’s available, so when the Harbinger L2404FX-USB 24-Channel Mixer came up for review, I jumped at the opportunity.

For a quick overview, the L2404FX-USB is a compact 24-channel mixer which features 10 mic preamps with built in compression, 24-bit digital effects, USB out for 2-channel recording, 4 aux sends/returns, 4 subgroups, 8 inserts with direct outs, and a whole lot more. But, you’re not here to read a specs sheet, you’re here to read how this unit works, and more importantly, sounds.

For my demo, I used the mixer in my home project studio. In my home studio I do a variety of projects that range from recording voiceovers and guitar demos to holding jam sessions with my friends.

Initial Thoughts:

Harbinger L2404FX-USBRight out of the box, I was very impressed with the overall quality of the L2404FX-USB. Based on its price point (which we’ll get into later) it definitely fits more on the budget end of 24-channel mixers, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. The chassis is steel which feels durable. The sides of the mixer have removable plastic handles that can be swapped out for rack rails which are included.

One of of the telltale signs of inexpensive mixers is an inconsistent feel in the knobs (really the pots behind them) and the faders. The L2404FX-USB didn’t have this issue. The knobs and faders all had a decent amount of resistance as they were slid or turned, and the amount of resistance was consistent across the board. While this may seem insignificant to some, making finite adjustments can get very frustrating when the feel/resistance of the knobs and faders varies from channel to channel. The quality construction makes this unit feel much more expensive unit than it is.

Features and Sound:

I’m happy to report that once plugged in, the unit is as quiet as can be. It is actually much quieter than the unit I have been using. I didn’t have any of the standard issues that inexpensive mixers are known for like hisses leaking in from channels that weren’t being used.

Being someone who primarily records at home, I jumped right into hooking up the USB to my computer to see how it worked. Without doing anything other than allowing my computer time to recognize it, I was able to pull it up as an input source in Presonus Studio One v2 and Pro Tools First. Please realize, this unit isn’t meant to be a home recording interface. It only passes 2 channels of audio (L/R).

This is ideal if you want to record a copy of a live show or a jam session, but it really isn’t designed to be your main interface for multi-tracking. That being said, if you already have a smaller recording interface – I use a PreSonus Firestudio Mobile – by using the direct outs on the L2404FX-USB, you can quickly expand your number of accessible pre’s. With a few patch cables, I was able to hook up channels 1-6 on the mixer to my interface and went from 2 mic channels to 8.

Harbinger L2404FX-USBI’ve had several questions regarding the quality of the effects. The built-in effects, for what they are, are very good. In a small to medium venue or church, they are completely usable and would sound very good. They’re incredibly user friendly and can be assigned to subgroups so that you don’t have to use them on all channels. I found the reverbs, chorus, tremolo, and delays to be nice and natural sounding. The phaser, flanger, detune, pitch shift, were fun to play with, but I don’t actually see me using any of them in a live situation.

Back to my original comment “for what they are”, the truth is, with this mixer and really any mixer with built-in effects, they’re convenient and usable, but not as good as many of the rackmount effects out there. Especially the higher end units. I would say that the built-in effects are as good or better than pretty much any $200 or less unit. If you’re using one of those, leave it home and just use the mixer.

If you do happen to have a higher end reverb you love to use, bring it along and use the aux inputs, there are 4 to choose from. I actually found this to be one of the things I loved most about this board. All too often, effects equipped boards either have no aux channels or only have 1 or 2 aux channels which essentially handcuffs you into using the built-in effects. Harbinger has given their effects, but if you don’t want to use them, they have also given you as many aux channels as most non-effects boards of this size.


In conclusion, I was very impressed with this board, especially considering where it is positioned in the market. Its street price is $399. At that price there are only a handful of other units available with this many channels, built-in effects, and USB out. Based on my tests, Harbinger’s mixer didn’t suffer from many of the common flaws found at the budget end. If you’re interested in learning more, you can find them on the Harbinger website, or on Musician’s Friend.

Harbinger L2404FX-USB

Harbinger Announces L2404FX-USB Compact Mixer

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Newest LvL Series model delivers pro features at an
affordable price

Thousand Oaks, CA – November 2015
Harbinger, a provider of powerful, affordable sound-reinforcement solutions, introduces the L2404FX-USB compact analog mixer, the newest member of its popular LvL series. Designed for both live sound and recording and packed with professional features not often found in this price class, the 24-channel mixer offers outstanding sound quality, flexible routing, built-in effects, and USB recording.

A versatile complement of inputs and outputs enables the L2404FX-USB to accept signals from virtually any analog source. The mono channels feature XLR microphone inputs, balanced ¼-inch line inputs, and insert points. Stereo channels 9/10 and 11/12 include balanced XLR mic and ¼-inch line inputs, while channels 13/14 and 15/16 offer ¼-inch line inputs and unbalanced RCA inputs for connection to a media player or external recording device. The main L/R outputs are on XLR connectors. You also get eight ¼-inch direct outputs.

Each channel includes an input-gain trim, a dedicated 60 mm fader, pan/balance, mute, and solo, with globally switchable AFL/PFL solo. Signal processing is generous, including a single-knob compressor with LED indicator, a high-pass filter (set at 75 Hz), and 3-band EQ with sweepable midrange on every mono channel. Each stereo channel is equipped with a 4-band, fixed-frequency EQ with variable level, and two of the stereo channels include a high-pass filter. You also get a studio-grade, 24-bit stereo digital effects processor on the main L/R mix, with Parameter Edit, Tap Tempo, and optional footswitch control.

Routing and recording are also strengths. The L2404FX-USB provides four subgroup buses with dedicated faders, two post-fader aux buses, two aux buses that are switchable pre/post fader, and four aux returns. Control room outputs let you easily integrate the L2404FX-USB into your studio, and a USB port enables recording the main L/R mix to a computer. You’ll have no problem monitoring your levels, thanks to a pair of 15-segment LED ladders for the main L/R mix and Clip and Mute LEDs on each channel.

Whether tracking a drum set, playing local clubs, rehearsing, or mixing your latest masterpiece, the L2404FX-USB mixer has the flexibility and audio tools to handle the job with aplomb.

The Harbinger L2404FX-USB is available now in stores and online, with a street price of $399.99. For more information, visit


At Harbinger Pro Audio, we create some of the world’s best sounding PA systems, designed for today’s working musicians — while ensuring top value for your hard-earned dollar. Each component benefits from years of sound engineering know-how and rugged, professional grade materials. And every system is thoroughly tested, to guarantee great sound and rock solid performance for any gig, party, club or speaking engagement.

Harbinger L1202FX Mixer Review from Performer Magazine

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Performer Magazine logo
By Benjamin Ricci on July 17, 2015

Harbinger LvL L1202 review
Harbinger L1202FX Mixer – $109

PROS: Ridiculous price, no frills, easy to use.
CONS: None.
PRICE: $109

Less is more – it seems a lot of companies’ cram so many features into a product to fill any possible need that it over does it. Harbinger’s kept things simple, making a mixer that delivers without useless bells and whistles, at a more than reasonable price. Let’s clarify that – this mixer comes at a ridiculous price for what you get.

Within the all-metal enclosure are 12 channels; 4 with XLR & 1/4” inputs, and the remaining channels with 1/4” inputs. Separate outputs exist for mains as well as dedicated control room outputs plus RCA Aux inputs for items such as mp3 players, and 1/4” headphone outs.

The 4 XLR channels have a 3-band EQ, a High Pass Filter which cuts frequencies 75Hz and below. Then an Aux level control, Pan and level control round things out. The remaining channels are a bit more sparse; Aux, Balance and Level. Channels 5-12 share controls, and the balance control works between the shared inputs. A +4/-10 dB pad switch is available to bring levels up or down as needed.

There are 16 digital effects that can be utilized, including modulation effects such as chorus and flanger, delays, reverbs, and a vocal detune that can fatten up vocals as well instruments. There are a few patches that have combinations of reverb and delay, and reverb and modulation effects. A rotary effect that works great for guitars and keyboards can get a swirling modulation that’s usable in many applications. Phantom power is available for mics that require it, and a single master fader covers the overall output.

The unit has a small footprint, smaller than a MacBook in fact. For a band that wants a mixer for vocals, and a few other items, it’s a great choice. Once things are set, there’s not alot of tweaking that’s needed, other than the master volume, really. It can also be a great input device for a home studio, not taking up alot of room in the process. The sound quality is great, and the cost is even better with a $109 street price.

The only minor downside is the power supply; it’s a specialized connector, which if something happens to the power supply, such as getting lost or damaged, could really grind things to a halt. There are so many high-end mixers out there, that to see a bare bones mixer that is both inexpensive and still sounds good, is quite a breath of fresh air.

4 LvL Series ultra clean mic preamps
XLR and 1/4″ TRS balanced/unbalanced line input
4 TRS1/4″ balanced/unbalanced stereo inputs with +4/-10dB sensitivity selection
Built-in effects including tap tempo delay
Versatile 3-Band EQ
75Hz high pass Filter on mic inputs
Aux Send
Full-size master fader
48V phantom power

Harbinger LP9800 Powered Mixer

Harbinger Announces LP9800 Powered Mixer

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Flexible 14-channel mixer delivers wall-shaking power

Thousand Oaks, CA – March 2015
Harbinger, providers of powerful, affordable sound-reinforcement solutions, introduces the new LP9800 14-channel powered mixer, the newest model in the company’s popular LvL series.

A versatile solution for rehearsal spaces, gigs, and jam sessions, the LP9800 provides 800 watts of clean, high-headroom power. Drive stereo mains, split the power to handle both mains and monitors, or deliver all 800 wall-shaking watts in Mono Bridge mode-this flexible system can do it all. Each power-amp channel (mains and monitors) has a level control and a 5-segment LED input meter so you can check levels at a glance.

Line-level preamp outputs are provided for feeding powered stereo main and mono monitor speakers, so the LP9800 works great with virtually any speaker system. A pair of 1/4-inch line-level inputs let you route stereo signals directly to the amplifier.

You get 14 input channels with nine XLR microphone inputs and 1/4″ TRS balanced line inputs-each with a -25 dB pad, rumble filter, and clip indicator-plus three stereo channels with XLR mic and 1/4″ TS inputs, and a total of 14 line inputs. That’s easily enough to mix and manage sound for an entire band. Every input channel has a 3-band EQ, effects send, and aux send. Globally switched, +48 volt phantom power serves all microphone inputs.

Dual, 9-band graphic EQ lets you shape the main or monitor mix. RCA Aux In and Aux Out jacks can route break music from a CD/MP3 player, send the main mix to a recording device, and more.

A sweet 24-bit, stereo, digital effects processor delivers studio-grade reverb, delays, and various other effects, complete with a Quick Parameter control, on/off switch, and 16 performance-ready presets. The effects can be routed to both the mains and the monitors, with separate level controls. You even get a jack for an effects-bypass footswitch (not included).

The ruggedly built LP9800 is ready for the rigors of performance, too, with protective corners and covering.

“We wanted to create a versatile, high-quality, yet very affordable powered mixer that would meet the needs of casual performers and working musicians alike,” explains Harbinger Product Manager Jim Norman, “and the LP9800 delivers on all counts. It’s easy to set up and use, it sounds great, and it’s built to last. Here is an excellent solution for a wide variety of gigs and for rehearsal spaces as well.”

The Harbinger LP9800 is available now at Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend with a street price of $349. For more information, visit


Harbinger Professional Audio brings together advanced engineering and manufacturing technology to deliver high quality sound reinforcement components that offer performance, power, and reliability in an affordable package. Harbinger products are built with rugged, professional components and construction for dependable, rock solid performance.

Harbinger Introduces 600-Watt Portable PA Systems

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The VâRi Series offers more power and flexibility in portable, affordable PA systems

Thousand Oaks, CA, April 1, 2014
Today Harbinger Pro Audio, a leader in affordable sound system solutions, announces the introduction of the new VâRi Series Multipurpose Loudspeakers.

Designed to provide exceptional power across a multitude of applications, the VâRi Series are available in two speaker configurations to appeal to customers’ distinct sound reinforcement needs.The V2115 is a 15” 2-way powered loudspeaker offering 600 watts of clean and clear Class-D amplification bolstered by outstanding bass response. With exceptional full-range sound and a striking new look, these speakers are perfect for small gigs, rehearsal studios, DJs, parties and even spoken word applications. Used as either a main or monitor, the V2115 is the most versatile and affordable powered loudspeaker Harbinger has ever built.

“Customers from many different segments will benefit from this flexible and easy-to-use line of speakers,” said Harbinger Product Manager Jim Norman. “I think we’ll see VâRi speakers showing up in virtually every small sound reinforcement setting.”

The compact, pole-mountable 2-way speakers feature a built-in 3-channel mixer, 2-band EQ and limiter. Plus, with its XLR Balanced Line Out, multiple speakers can be hooked together, making them ideal for vocals, presenters and anyone who needs articulation and room-filling detail.

The V2112 offers the same power and control configurations, but with an even more portable and affordable 12” 2-way configuration.The new Harbinger VâRi Series will be available in stores and online in early April. The VâRi V2115 will have a street price of $249.99 and the V2112 will street at $229.99.

For more information, visit or your favorite retail store or website.


At Harbinger Pro Audio, we create some of the world’s best sounding PA systems, designed for today’s working musicians — while ensuring top value for your hard-earned dollar. Each component benefits from years of sound engineering know-how and rugged, professional grade materials. And every system is thoroughly tested, to guarantee great sound and rock solid performance for any gig, party, club or speaking engagement.